The results are in for the annual Archer innovation challenge!
In total, we had 7 ideas submitted, and all were fantastic.

Jason Craig submitted a solution to drastically reduce the resources needed to check an air-tested system for leaks. By purchasing and utilizing ultrasonic testing equipment, teams would be able to check for leaks without allocating multiple craftsmen to spray for leaks and watch for bubbles to form. Instead, this task could be completed with one craftsman reducing hours in hard-to-reach places, allowing others to work on other important tasks.
Tyler Johnson submitted a solution for providing critical information for rough-in. The information is typically found in the submittals buried in pages of technical data not applicable to the installation. Tyler’s solution will eliminate assumptions and missed information by lifting all the critical rough-in information from pages of submittals and compiling them into one place, allowing craftsmen to have condensed and concise information to follow during the in-wall rough-in phases of a project.

It’s not an easy task putting together and presenting an idea.
Thank you to those who participated.

Both contestants will be involved in implementing their idea.
Be on the lookout to see Jason’s and Tyler’s ideas implemented and in action.