Introducing the 2023-2025 Archer Steering Committee

Congrats to the newly elected officials!

The Steering Committee began in the fall of 2018 to provide representation and an equal voice to all Archer employees.
They have brought forward suggestions from any and all employees with the intent to develop the company into a
premier contractor state as well as a place we are all proud to work.

Remember these individuals represent YOU.
If you have comments, concerns, ideas, or recommendations. Reach out!

Organization, Tony Rickards –

Executive/Director, Jeremiah Bailey –

Operations, Quinton Selin –

Coordination Services, Brett Walton –

Project Manager, Clark Briesacher –

Superintendent, Dave Smith –

Foreman, Stephan Eck –

Journeyman, Kelleck Diamond –

Apprentice, Mike Vayne –

Maintenance, Mike Lems –