Thank you brave colleagues for your submissions. In all, we had
10 creative entries. But, there could be only 1 winner…..


Check out all the fun entries we received……

  • “We’re gonna have to let you go.”

  • “So then I said, “Solder, I barely know her!”

  • “Yes, Nick I did just fire you for the 10th time this week”

  • “Mom may love you more, but I can still fishhook the shit out of you.” – Tony

  • “Did we just become best friends?”…”yup”.

  • “When you don’t feel like digging, then you remember you have an apprentice”

  • “Jacobsen wants to turn the keys over next week.” – Nick
    “Hahaha” – Tony

  • “And this is where your prostate is located”.

  • “So, uhh, Tony…I accidentally paid for the lunch on my personal card. Any chance of getting that reimbursed?” – Nick

  • “Say my name!”
    “You’re goddamn right!”

Entries were put into a drawing, and
the winner was chosen at random.

Which one is your favorite?

Be sure to stay tuned for more contests and
other ways to get involved!