Coordination of Services in Construction Project.

A Coordination of services is critical to the success of any construction project. Most engineers coordinate their work using meetings, plans, and contract documents out of convenience or preference rather than effectiveness, yet project performance often does not meet expectations. A systematic method is necessary to help construction project organizations coordinate work effectively.

Coordination of Services in Construction Projects

A coordination system for construction projects must be developed like a simulating the circulatory system of the human body. The coordination system could be helpful because the functions and operations of the circulatory system are natural and effective. As for main characters comparisons, the contractor is like the heart, the owner is like the brain, and subcontractors and suppliers are like the various organs. Coordination of services is supplied by engineers through different methods as nutrients are transported by blood flow and vessels. The matching of coordination supply to coordination needs could result in better project performance. So contractors should assign an engineer as a detector to evaluate the appropriateness of time spent on coordination with relevant parties and make adjustments when necessary.

  • In coordination of services: Planning was subdivided into;

• Identify • Communicate • Analyze/plan/schedule

  • In coordination of services: Organizing was subdivided into;

• Lead • Facilitate • Information and records

  • In coordination of services: Controlling was subdivided into;

• Monitor • Analyze • Control/correct/maintain • Record/communicate

  • In coordination Service: Coordination activities as above, each was further subdivided into;

• Sequence of work • Deployment of work • Services, fixtures, and builder’s work • Cooperation • Supervision, quality, and safety • Remedial works • Attendance.

One must follow all the things promptly in coordination to make the least possible mistakes during the construction process.

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