The Steering Committee began in the fall of 2018 to provide representation and an equal voice to all Archer employees. The committee has met once a quarter and brought forward suggestions from any and all employees with the intent to develop the company into a premier contractor in the state as well as a place we are all proud to work.
With the second inaugural term for the Archer Steering Committee coming to a close at the end of this year.
There are positions open for re-election.
Roles to remain in place:
Coordination Service
Maintenance Service
Roles open for re-election:
Project Manager
A Steering Committee term is a 2-year commitment (a total of 8 meetings)

Nominations for new positions are required to be in by 10/31/22
Elections are the week of 11/4/22

Current members can re-nominate but must
be re-elected to serve on the committee for a second term.

To nominate yourself, click here ⇒ NOMINATIONS

This is a fantastic opportunity to be a team advocate and part of the organization’s
ideas and implementations to improve all processes.
If you have questions or would like more info on expectations, roles, and responsibilities,
reach out to a current committee member below.

⇒ Operations – Q Selin –
⇒Coordination Services– Brett Walton –
⇒ Project Manager – Stephen Schmidt –
⇒ Superintendent – John Young –
⇒ Foreman/Journeyman – Richard Foard –
⇒ Apprentice – Riley Reeves –
⇒Maintenace Services– Mike Lems –