Thank you to all that recognized a colleague! We received many inspiring and uplifting entries of colleagues who set the
example of the Archer values,
and what it means to be part of the team.
Keep up the recognition and positive appreciation for one another, and tell your colleagues “thank you” for being
punctual, a supportive mentor, dedicated, or an overall positive attitude.
Be sure to scroll and check out all the great responses about your fellow colleagues!

The Winner Is..

Colin Gibson!

Jason Craig

Jason is very dependable, always here and on time. He never has any negative feedback on any task he is working on. If things change and he needs to change tasks he is always willing and on it. Jason has definitely made things easier on our team at Wavetronix. He has won the innovative award, which also shows his commitment to this company and always looking for improvements. As for going above and beyond, we had some T&M come up a couple of weeks ago and Jason was willing to come in on overtime and help get it done, that’s just one of the most recent of many things we can count on from Jason. I can’t say enough of how appreciative I am of working with and having Jason as a part of our team.

Wayne Seifert

Wayne is an outstanding leader, teacher, teammate, etc. Working with Wayne has been a privilege. He has applied his skills to teach and lead in the most efficient ways he knows how. Working as a team to ensure the job is getting done correctly and efficiently. Without Wayne as my mentor, I would not be where I am now. Wayne leads by example and he teaches by experience. Understanding we are all a team achieving one goal. Wayne is always striving to improve himself and the team. That involves the process we work by and better utilize our time. Wayne’s skills are a great asset to Archer and he is consistently going out of his way to find new ways to push Archer further into success.

Taylor Jones

Taylor comes to work on time every day and works a lot of Saturdays to help the team out. He is willing to learn and is super efficient when he works. He learns and picks up on new tasks quickly. He’s only been plumbing for 7 months and is better than most 2nd or 3rd-year apprentices. He deserves recognition for his hard work and willingness to learn and to help others with anything they need help with.

Easton Mansfield

Being a good resource for questions, being helpful all around, and engaging in camaraderie during lunch break.

Easton Mansfield

Easton is a very smart and focused individual. Seeing him grow through the years not in size but in stature has been great to see. He is able to focus very well on the task at hand, look ahead, and have everything ready. This makes the working experience flow smoothly.

Geoff Horton

Geoff has demonstrated time and time again what it means to be part of the Archer team, from his punctuality, positive attitude, and willingness to learn and work on anything that he comes across in our day-to-day adventures. He has an infectious demeanor and can always lift the attitude on any job site, anyone who works with him knows how hard he works, being the first on-site and the last to pack up. A definite role model for the future of not only our team but the industry as a whole.

Richard Foard

Richard is really selfless and is very positive in the work environment. He pops jokes which makes the day easier. Richard also spends his own dime for donuts almost every Friday to help motivate people to finish the week strong. He might be scary but the man is cool!

Richard Foard

He’s a great guy and a great leader. Always does his best to help you accomplish what you need.

Richard Foard

Richard brings a mindset to the job that very little can. He is always ready with a plan and always has a smarter way of doing things which is awesome!

Tim Parker

Always on time, works hard, has a “what’s next” mindset, and a great attitude. While we were in Wendover, whether Tim was on, or off the clock he is always holding the door for people and putting the team and others first. He deserves some appreciation!

Tyler Bowels

The superintendent and I had plans last Friday. And of course, we had to set our grease interceptor on that day. Tyler stepped up and took charge of setting the Interceptor with Neal. He is always willing to step up for us and anyone else that needs help. He has been a great addition to the team!

Colton Button

Colton was the first person that I got assigned to help when I started with the company and has been instrumental in my learning the ropes with the company. He has taught me many things, from caulking and putting Shields between the insulated pipe and hangers, up to how to handle problems with fellow tradesmen on the job site.

Paul Frame

Paul has been an outstanding person to learn this trade from. He’s professional, knowledgeable, and has an acute attention to detail that goes above and beyond the normal technician’s work day. He’s also a family man, like me. So, his insight on work/life balance has been invaluable to me. Thank you for the opportunity!

Corey Walton

Cory has great communication skills and has made me feel part of the team. Keeping in the loop on job duties, scheduling, and job costs.
He is a great leader in his role. This guy really makes you feel part of the team archer.

Kevin Stover

Kevin has been a Beacon of positivity and friendliness at the Huntsman job site since I started. From his happy “Good Mornings” to his end-of-day “Have a Good Night!” Kevin is just such a positive influence on this job site that always tries to help others succeed. Per his own words, “I just want everyone to succeed around here, that way we all go home safe and happy”

Ben Oakeson

Happy to help out without being asked, follows directions well.

Ben Schmith

Being consistently on time to drive the van each morning, having a positive but calm attitude, and engaging in camaraderie during lunch break.

Devan Williams

He is always patient and relaxed with his work yet very thorough with an eye for detail. He’s always willing to help a fellow team member whether that’s through physical support or guidance.

Nick Rickards

Nick deserves the utmost recognition for the work he does and the help he provides. Nick has been a constant example to me and all members of the Archer Mechanical family. He is truly a leader worth following and is always ready to work with a positive attitude. Even at his most stressed, he never refuses to help others. Nick certainly deserves this recognition, as his contributions to the positive Archer culture cannot be measured.

Stephen Schmidt

Stephen is a great leader, his experience, patience, and understanding make it pleasant and easy to work through projects together. Stephen makes a point to take time with his department and individual members to discuss and resolve any issues that may arise. I have seen Stephen numerous times notice that someone didn’t understand an aspect of a discussion and quickly jumped on the chance to educate the person and get them up to speed in a very effectively professional manner. Stephen is very open-minded and makes himself available for criticism and improvement. He makes a strong effort to know his team members and sets up great team-building activities.

Stephen Schmidt

Stephen Schmidt deserves recognition for this constant uplift of the Archer culture. Not only is he a positive force and a helpful resource to all during business hours, he also spends much of his personal time organizing work-friendly activities that help harbor a positive culture. Stephen has gone above and beyond to organize company events, such as assisting with the Grizzlies night, Bees night, Lagoon night, and several Dave and Buster trips. His latest was setting up an open work invitation to play in a weekend golf league he organizes. He keeps everyone’s score, updates handicaps, and collects and distributes money so that company representatives of all skill levels can enjoy a stress-free judgment-free format. He certainly deserves recognition.

Q. Selin

Q has made my job easier by excelling at doing his job. His handling of the “Manpower Smackdown” and all of the HR issues that I have dealt with on my job site has been comforting and inspiring. I feel that Q is always available to help me whether it is listening to ideas I have, proofreading important emails and ACE forms, or just listening to me vent about things on the job site. He is willing to hold me (and himself) accountable for tasks and assignments we take on. Q always brings a positive and productive attitude to all situations that he deals with. He genuinely cares about the people around him and carries a calm and influential manner when dealing with difficult situations. He will patiently listen to me when I need to vent (even if it is about him or what he has control of) and then kindly and constructively works through the problem with me. I see him go over and above constantly on multiple aspects of his job and he strives to improve and better everything he deals with. I hold Q in the highest respect and feel that he is a very integral part of the continuous improvement and success of Archer Mechanical as a whole.

David Shanks

David Shanks is the epitome of a positive attitude and one who goes above and beyond with every service call/job. I don’t believe I have ever been on a job with David where he hadn’t checked in with our contact, have a professional conversation with that contact until David receives a full understanding of the issue we were called out for, and then walks the issue until he understands it completely, then he gets to work efficiently and effectively. David doesn’t just look at the symptoms and throw parts at them, he gets to know-how systems and units work in conjunction with all other systems and units so he is confident in his service and repair and that it is done correctly. David is a hard worker and inspired those around him to work hard as well. He cares about the success of others. When I’m working on something and having a hard time David’s most common phrase is, “I want to see you have a win”. Instead of getting upset with you or just taking it over he Cheers you on, helps you think through the issue until I can get through that issue with a win. David is always happy to answer any call and help troubleshoot any issue I come across. At any rate, when I think of positive attitudes, support environments, and building up peers I think of David Shanks.

David Shanks

First, excellent training:
– teaching proper skills and techniques.
– creating a training path that allows me to achieve the expected certifications for my position.
– teaches and demands quality workmanship for the best possible outcome for Archer and our customers.
– teaches time management and efficiency.
Second, Integrity: David will always do the right thing even though no one may be watching or be aware of the task at hand.
Third, Concern for profitability regarding Archer Mechanical. David hates to see parts, time, and resources wasted on a job. He strives for exactness in each job so that customers can be billed for a fair price and Archer will get the profit margins it needs to be successful and continue in its best efforts.
Fourth, David is always learning new skills and knowledge for the job.
I don’t think Archer Mechanical could ask for more.

Travis Beecher

Travis makes our job simplified in the field by giving good install drawings and spool sheets so the guys have a clear picture of what is being installed. This process saves the headache of coordination in the field and guys having to figure every cut and layout of pipe out. Travis is always willing to take your call if you need something because he understands if the guys in the field are missing something they need it to quickly to meet tight schedules.

Travis Beecher

Travis is always working above and beyond! He does what it takes to get the jobs done, typically working nights and weekends. He is an amazing asset for Archer and our customers.

Mike Vayne

Gets along with fellow apprentices. Recognizes hard work and shows appreciation. Makes friends with all coworkers and helps keep a good work environment positive and productive. All-around morale booster, motivated hard worker, and helpful when he can be.

Clark Briesacher

Clark is always a solution-oriented contributor. He is eager to help in any way whether that means an assist or taking the lead. Clark has a knack for organization and critical thinking. He is enjoyable to be around and has wisdom beyond his years. I appreciate Clark’s input and perspective. It helps me to do better at my own job.

Clark Briesacher

Clark is always looking to improve the company and his colleagues. He constantly is providing meaningful input to his peers. Here are some examples Writing reviews, SOP creation, onboarding help, training others, volunteering to assist in fab conversation, etc. The best thing about Clark is he genuinely is trying to improve himself and the company in every decision he makes. For example, he signed up for the ULI mentor program and is creating his own relationships.

Neal Schmidt

The Superintendent and I had plans last Friday. And of course, we had to set our grease interceptor on that day. Neal stepped up and made himself available to set it. He is always willing to step up for us and anyone else that needs help.

Nolan Taylor

A contagious and positive attitude, always a blast to work with. Really strives for great work. Brings people around him up.

Tom Gorman

He is very creative and forward-thinking. He never tries away from hard work and always has a good attitude.

Jason Perkins

I would like to recognize Jason for always going above and beyond to be helpful kind and supportive. Always willing to help if he can.

Zach Eck

Always positive never bitter or negative on the job site, always seems to remain upbeat.

Mitch McGeary

He always remains positive and cheerful through adversity.

Mike Lems

Positive, uplifting attitude. I’ve been on some jobs that are…dirty, and challenging, wouldn’t want to do it every day, with Mike, and his outlook remains positive and cheerful. A joy to work with under any condition.

James Gibson

Positive attitude, always willing to help. Willing to run materials immediately instead of at his leisure. Makes the day a positive experience

Zach Geigle

Zach is always working above and beyond! He does what it takes to get the jobs done, typically working nights and weekends. He is an amazing asset for Archer and our customers.

Dave Smith

David is always the first one here and is fully dedicated to Archer and the project we are on. He has been a great mentor in the last couple of years for me slowly teaching me his ways. David is a strong leader and driving force out here at Astra.

Josh Hernandez

Does work quickly and will take on a variety of different tasks with no complaints.

Kris Rose

Kris is always working above and beyond! He does what it takes to get the jobs done, typically working nights and weekends. He is an amazing asset for Archer and our customers.