Most people believe that a college education is necessary for a stable career. For certain professions, college degrees are required, even for entry-level positions. Yet, a college degree isn’t required to make a good living. Whether you are a recent high school graduate or a working professional looking for a new path, choosing a trade will bring personal fulfillment, consistent high salary potential, and job stability.

Trade jobs do essential work that takes skill and provides value for the community. Attending a trade school gives you on-the-job training in a specialty skill and learned through apprenticeships that takes far less time and money to complete than a four-year degree.

Reasons to go into a trade:

  • Income. You start earning income right away through an apprenticeship.
  • Stability. The constant demand for trade. No matter how the marketplace may shift, there will always be the need to keep the lights on and the water flowing—someone to build our houses and offices.
  • Job satisfaction. Opportunity to spend your career doing interesting, meaningful, and much-needed work
  • Being active. Trade jobs keep you physically active and involve moving your body versus sitting at a desk all day.

A job in the trades can provide the job security and the income that once only a college degree could promise. The trades offer essential services for which there will always be a need. In addition, they provide stable incomes that can comfortably support a family and build a career.

Go into the plumbing trade today!